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S&P was founded in the locality of Ripoll (Spain) in 1951 by the engineers Eduard Soler and Josep Palau. From the beginning they had the clear vision that the future would depend on the expansion abroad, at first towards Europe, to continue in the rest of the world markets.
The philosophical principles on which S&P was based and still keeps basing its project are:
  • Own technology: If the project of S&P had to be strong and become consolidated over the time, it was necessary to be bases on the creativity and to provide differential products, avoiding the imitation of what the others made. S&P has registered, throughout its history, 80 patents, more than 20 industrial models and more than 120 utility models.
  • Internationalization and Growth: It was clear that the guarantee of future of the company was to open up to the world and to entry into new markets with high levels of competitivity. This obliged to a constant improvement of the product. At present S&P is a world leader in ventilation, with productive centers in Europe, America and Asia. A powerful distribution structure, through subsidiaries and exclusive distributors, allows S&P to be present in all the world markets, giving coverage and service.
  • Self-financing: One of the strengths of S&P has been the constant growth and the policy of reinvestment of profits in a continuous technology improvement in the field of research as well as of the production and commercialization one. This has allowed S&P to be a self-financed company with a total independence in the decision making.
Basic pillars
On the philosophical bases of the project of S&P, there are some pillars in which the company is sustained:
  • Personal development: In S&P we promote the human factor encouraging the teamwork, the contribution of ideas, the internal promotion and training. We inculcate the delegation of responsabilities, the confidence and full respect of the individual, with the aim of ensuring that the people feel part of a common project and are reflected by the Company’s values.
  • Excellence in the management: We consider as basic the dedication, honesty, self demand, and determination in making well the things, to achieve the levels of quality and service required by our customers.
  • Research: In the I+D+I department, more than 60 Engineers and technicians, equipped with the most modern design systems, they work to obtain products with the best services. A sophisticated software, that belongs to Soler & Palau, allows simulating the behavior of the equipment already in the process of design. The goal is clear: a commitment with our customers to achieve the quality levels that they expect from us.
  • Product: Today the S&P catalogue offers a range of ventilation products, either industrial and domestic, that it is not within reach of any company in the world, with suitable solutions for every need and with a constant updating work for ease to the users not only the election of the best model, but the required design to carry out the installations in an easy and safe way and with guarantees.
  • Quality: In S&P the contribution to the final quality begins in the design of the products. From that point, the implication in this goal is total on the part of all the states of the company, finishing in the Post-Sale service. This makes that nowadays, our company, is recognized all over the world for its high level of reliability of all the articles that offers in its catalogue. In 1.987 S&P obtained the ISO-9001 certification. In 1.989 we were the first Spanish company in the AENOR registration with this standardization, today updated with the ISO-9001/2000. In 1.992, the laboratory of aeraulics of S&P was approved by the ENAC according to the ISO-45001 standard. ISO-9001/2000.
  • Customer service: In a market as competitive as the current one it is not enough to produce with an excellent quality but any company should offer the products with a wide range of services for its customers and prescriptors. In S&P this principle is very clear.
    For that, our customers know that they have at disposal:
    • Own salesmen with a high technical training level.
    • The Citizen Information and Service Centre (SIAC), has ten totally free telephone and fax lines to attend the commercial consultations.
    • The Technical free support service (SAT), solves annually more than 20.000 related cases with projects of ventilation. Its work is supported with the software supply, designed by S&P, to help the professionals to choose the most suitable product for every case and a complete WEB page on which S&P, besides showing its catalogue, puts many of the knowledge accumulated during more than 50 years of experience of the company at the professional’s disposal.
  • Respect for the environment: A policy that was not respectful with the environment would be incompatible with the S&P philosophy. Our future vocation implicates us deeply in the legacy that we are going to leave to our children. S&P is the only company of the sector ISO-14001 certified by the Environmental Management: for that the emitted gases are seeped/filtered and all the liquid or solid wastes that are generated in the productive processes are recycled, to proceed to its subsequent use.